There are so many great articles that are shared on Facebook. Here are ten links that were floating around this week:

  1. The Effective Labour Contraction by Midwife’s Thinking Blog
  2. Circumcision is on Decline by Cosmo Magazine online
  3. A Sign on the Door by Jennifer Stover of Labor of Love
  4. Call for support to Open a call center for pregnant & breastfeeding women using medicine. Request for a Pepsi grant.
  5. Planned home birth and neonatal death: Who do we believe? by Science & Sensibility.
  6. Creating Your Birth Circle by Helene Rose
  7. Milk Paranoia, by Nancy Morhbacher
  8. Review: Pregnancy Companion iPhone App (free this weekend) on the Enjoy Birth Blog
  9. Hospital policy of withholding food during childbirth coming under scrutiny, on
  10. NIH study indicates stress may delay women getting pregnant, by NIH News

Come across any interesting links? Include them in the comments below.

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