Blog Post Round-Up: All About Birth Doula Fees

A round-up of blog posts from birth pros who share their views on setting birth doula fees.

The most popular questions I receive have to do with getting more clients and growing a doula practice into a full-time business. Today I searched high and low on Pinterest to find blog posts written by birth professionals about setting doula fees. There are some smart number-crunching women out there, with creative suggestions and convincing positions! Here are some of the best posts I found:

  1. Tiffany of Birth In Joy emphasizes that setting doula fees is a balancing act, where the doula considers her experience, the volume of business she can take on, her overhead and expenses, and affordability for her clients. Tiffany lists components of a doula's services and the types of expenses a typical doula will have. Although the blog post is meant to inform someone looking for doula services, it contains useful information for birth professionals as well – Nuts & Bolts: What exactly am I paying my doula for?
  2. This blog post on Doulicia is several years old, but it gives an example of a sliding scale for doula fees, where clients could qualify for a lower fee based on household income – My Sliding Scale
  3. Though not directly about pricing, this post by Jodi the Doula gives some suggestions on how doulas can offer services to those who cannot afford them. – A Doula for Everyone…But How?

I hope you will find some great wisdom from these ladies, and that you will find it helpful in determining or revamping your own doula fees.

Here are a couple of posts about setting fees on IBP:

Breaking Down Birth Doula Fees

Pricing Your Doula Services 2.0

Packaging Your Doula Services

Finally, there is an excellent infographic on Creative Live Blog that helps freelancers calculate their rates. It is helpful for birth professionals too.

What are your best tips to add about setting doula fees? What do you wish you would have known when you first started out? Come and share in our private forum in the IBP Facebook Group.