How does blogging REALLY get me doula clients?

How does blogging REALLY get me doula clients?

A while back in the Inspired Birth Pros Facebook Group, someone asked whether it’s necessary for birth professionals to blog.

A challenge birth professionals often face is having to educate people in their community about the benefits of their services. While I wouldn’t call blogging a requirement, it does a lot of heavy lifting for you when it comes to educating people about the benefits of your services.

Your future clients will only become your clients once they get to know, like and trust you. If you’re blogging on your website, you give visitors an opportunity to build that know-like-trust factor. It’ll be like you’re talking directly to them. They build a connection with you before they even meet you.

Here are actual ways you can reach your future client:

  • A blog post may sway a future client who is comparing your services with someone else’s because the article gives additional information that addresses a problem they want to have solved. One of your posts could even help a person convince their partner that you’re the one they need to have a better birth experience.
  • Most people need to have several interactions (at least seven) with you before they’re convinced that they even want to contact you, and blogging can provide those points of contact or prompt them to follow you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter, thus giving you more opportunities to connect in the coming weeks and months.
  • Blog posts are an easy way for your former clients to introduce their friends to your brilliance.
  • Blogging is a great way for professionals in the area to get to know you. They might share your articles with their clients on their social media channels or email newsletters. You could write guest posts on a colleague’s website and they could return the favor. You could feature them in an interview on your blog. You can get creative and use your blog to enhance the relationships with your referral partners.
  • Do you participate in other people’s Facebook groups or online communities where your ideal client hangs out? Ever answer questions? If you’re allowed to share links in other communities, having blog posts to refer people to brings them to your website and may lead them to go to the next blog post, and the next…. and it might lead to an inquiry about your services!

Think of your blog posts as YOU out there on the internet, teaching people about you and what you know. The beauty of blogging is that you write it (or record it, for audio or video) ONCE, and it’s available for people to see, whenever they like.

People might be Googling for something you wrote about at 3am.

Or they’re following a Facebook Group thread where you shared a blog post, and they happened to find it while you were at a birth.

You might get a new doula client and find out that person has been following your blog for a year. The best thing about that? When she first found your blog, she was living on the opposite end of the country.

If you love to write (or speak or be on video) and are looking for a feel-good way to market your business through teaching, sharing, and entertaining visitors to your website, consider blogging. Not sure of what to write about? It takes getting to really know your ideal client, aka your business best friend (BBF) – what they’re like and what they really want to know. Couple that with highlighting what’s going on in your community, and you create an invaluable resource for families in your area that are about to start and grow their families.

For blogging to work for you, it helps to know more about your BBF, and you can get to know your ideal client better with the 3 Simple Ways to Attract Birth Biz Clients through Blogging Workbook.

Blogging is just one way to help power up your marketing efforts and help you attract the people who are meant to work with you. If you’ve been thinking about blogging and haven’t started or you have tried blogging but your efforts have been successful, I urge you to jump in and give it a chance! (the 3 Simple Ways workbook will really help!)

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