How a Coach Really Helps You Rock Your Doula Business

How a Coach Really Helps You Rock Your Doula Business


When I talk to new doulas about working with me as their coach, some common fears bubble up to the surface:

“My biggest fear about hiring a coach is that I’m hiring someone who is selling me an image or dream instead of practical stuff I can actually take action on and see through.”

The most important objective that coaches have is that they inspire their clients to take action and achieve their goals. You are going to have your very own set of goals and desires that you want to achieve as compared to someone else. In our sessions, we take a look at where you’re at, where you want to be, and together, we map out the path for you to get there. For tech issues, there are certain skills that I can demonstrate myself, and at other times I’ll either give you resources or guidance on how to find answers. Before the end of the each session, I ask you to commit to a series of goals that you’ll be held accountable to until the next time we meet. Between our calls, I’m available to you to get your questions answered if you get stuck.

“I’m worried that I’ll get cookie-cutter strategies.”

Because you are different from any of my other coaching clients, we explore strategies that will work best for you. The questions that I ask you in our coaching sessions may inspire an idea that I could offer you, but honestly, many of my clients are such smart cookies (see what I did there?) that they think up brilliant solutions that are perfect for them. Coaching is less about me teaching you as it is about co-creating awesome ideas or helping you identify the best way to approach challenges. We talk through scenarios and brainstorm together. I may offer a strategy that has worked for me or one of my clients, and it might be something that you have heard of, but for the most part, I ask you vital questions that will help you see and feel what’s possible. And, you’ll either do the research to find the best way to carry out the solution, or we’ll work together on it.

“I feel like there are so many coaches that I wonder if this person can really provide the support I personally need,”

I encourage you to take time to get to know me by reading the IBP blog and my newsletters, participating in the free Facebook group, and watching any live videos. Do you resonate with what you read or hear? Has any of the information that is available for free or in the IBP store been of help to you? If you’re still unsure, I invite you to book a brief discovery call where you can get your questions answered and decide if I’m the right coach for you.

“I’m not sure of the structure or what we’d talk about. Do I come up with questions or do you?”

Prior to our very first meeting, our Foundation Session, you will complete a series of questionnaires and activities that will get you thinking deeply about what is meaningful to you, what you want for your business and life, and the business goals you want to tackle. During that Foundation Session, that’s the only time I’m in the driver’s seat. I’ll ask you a lot of questions about the answers you gave me so that I have a better understanding of your deepest desires and goals. Once we begin our regular coaching sessions, you’ll complete a coaching prep form before each session to tell me how you spent your time since the last meeting, what you accomplished and the challenges you faced. You’ll also tell me what you want to spend our session discussing so that we can make the most of our time together getting your questions answered and helping you set new goals for the next two weeks.

“What if this person isn’t the right coach for me? What if they seem right but I end up unhappy with the choice and I’ve wasted my money?”

The last thing I want is for you to feel unhappy with your choice to work with me or that you’ve wasted your money. At the beginning of the relationship we set goals and expectations for our relationship, and throughout our work together, we are meeting personally and communicating between sessions. Please bring up concerns you have as soon as they appear. If it is apparent that the coaching relationship isn’t working out, we’ll work out a fair resolution.


Where most people get it wrong

I think where most people fall down is that they don’t fully understand what a certified coach is trained to do. There are many successful business people who give themselves a “coach” title and sell courses or consultations on the method that worked for them (and they guarantee will work for you!). So, many people naturally think that a coach is going to tell them what to do in order to get from point A to point B. These professionals are taking on the role as a teacher, a consultant, or a mentor, but they are not necessarily a coach.

How do I coach?

Part of what I do, as a former doula and childbirth educator, is to mentor new doulas on the steps it takes to set up the foundation of their businesses by focusing on four distinct systems:

  • legal
  • financial
  • marketing, and
  • client systems

If you’re stuck, I’ll share with you my own systems as an option, I’ll teach you some strategies, and I’ll share resources that have worked for me and others.

As a certified coach, I go several steps further and help you connect with your business on a deeper level, not only on the above systems I just mentioned but by also helping you create additional systems for:

  • mindset and self-care
  • time management
  • family/household management

I meet my clients where they are in their process of starting their doula businesses.

When you sign up, the work begins with a Foundation Session where we spend time examining what matters to you, what and who you value most, and what you want your business to do for you. Then we dig into the nitty-gritty during our regular sessions, going through each of your systems and helping you set your business up to thrive. Truth be told, you’re going to hit some mental roadblocks, and I’ll be here to help you smash through them so you can keep working and hitting your goals.

In summary:

  • A coach helps reveal beliefs that may be holding you back from fully showing up as the badass you are and helps you shift into more productive and empowered thinking…
  • A coach gives you someone to be accountable to so you can finally get shit done…
  • A coach holds a mirror up to you and reminds you that you already have what it takes to create a thriving business.
  • A coach helps you create a business that feeds you, literally (as in money money $$), and figuratively (satisfying work feeds your soul) so you minimize the risk of burnout.
  • A coach is a sounding board, a cheerleader, and she also asks hard questions that you might not want to answer at first.
  • A coach is 100% on your side, there to bear witness, hold space, as you birth your doula business.

Why I coach?

I coach because I know we each have deep desires and passions to express, and teaching a particular method won’t work for everyone.

I coach because I am curious by nature and I love to hear about what lights people up.

I coach because I acknowledge that we are all unique and we are all meant to serve in a way that is natural to us, in a way feels good to us, and my way may not be your way.

I coach because I want you to stop being stuck, I want you to see your greatness, and I want you to be out there, serving families and changing your part of the world.

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