Client Attraction for Birth Professionals with Demetria Clark

Demetria Clark, Director and Founder of Birth Arts International and the creator of the Business of Birth Prosperity Course shares several key client attraction tips in this engaging and informative audio lecture.Years ago when I searched for a doula organization to train and certify with, I came across Birth Arts International. The holistic approach really got my attention, and once I began the birth doula certification program, I knew I was in the right place. Demetria Clark is the Director and Founder of the organization, and I respect and love her no-nonsense way of teaching doulas and other birth professionals about growing their businesses. She has always encouraged students to take their businesses seriously, and her tireless pursuit of identifying tools and resources to help Birth Arts professionals succeed while doing the birth work they love led Demetria to create the Business and Birth Prosperity Course.

Today, she has graciously shared an information-packed audio recording on the topic of client attraction. You'll see a few of the main points highlighted in the image to the right, but if you've been struggling with getting your doula or birth business off the ground, you've got to listen to her practical advice for attracting clients. And if you are successful, you should still listen because I can bet you will learn something new. So grab a pen and paper and hit the play button now (audio player is at top of this post).

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Demetria Clark is the Director and Founder of Birth Arts International and Heart of Herbs

Demetria Clark is the Founder and Director of Birth Arts International and Heart of Herbs. She is a master herbalist and aromatherapist, professional doula trainer, midwife, and childbirth educator, and the author of  Herbal Healing for Children  and 475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes. Birth Arts International offers live and distance training and certification programs for birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth and breastfeeding educators, and midwife's assistants.

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