Do you want to know how to turn consults into clients by following up with them in a way that feels good and not sales-y?

Savvy Doula Business Startup Checklist

You're getting requests for interviews or the initial consultation and you're feeling great after you meet with prospective clients, but you're feeling a little lost on one, small, important part…

How do you get them to hire you?

Or, you're getting hired, but not as quickly as you'd like.

You get it. Clients may be interviewing a few people to determine the right fit. Some hire you on the spot during the interview, but some need more time. and there's one more thing. Life is busy. Emails get buried. People do want to hire you but they get distracted and forget. You need to remind them, and sometimes it takes more than once.

The key to signing on clients after that first consultation is following up with people after you meet. But even more than that, those follow-up emails need to connect with the people you're meant to work with.

That's where the Consults to Clients Follow-Up Kit for Birth Professionals can help. In this kit, you will find:

  1. A copy of a Welcome Letter template that you can either give to prospective clients during your consultation, along with suggestions on how you could use a digital version of it.
  2. A set of customizable email templates and a phone script to help you keep in contact with your prospective clients and let them know that time is running out to hire you.
  3. A simple timeline to use starting after your consultation up until your hiring deadline.
  4. Tips to create a system that helps to keep you on top of your follow-up schedule with every single prospective client.

You'll receive a zip folder that contains a booklet in PDF format with email samples and tips + a Microsoft Word document containing the email templates so you can easily edit or copy and paste.

After you purchase this product, you will receive an email that gives you immediate access to download the documents.

All digital products from Inspired Birth Pro come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, simply contact me for a refund.

$27.00 USD