To successfully use social media for your business, it helps to create a  strategy and an action plan. This planning workbook will teach you some marketing strategies, walk you through the process to create a topic-based master editorial calendar, and help you decide on a variety of posts to help you build your following, your reach and engagement. This planning kit comes with almost 30 pages of lessons and worksheets, two excel spreadsheets to help you plan out your post schedule, a blank master editorial calendar to help you plan your topics, and copies of some of the worksheets from the booklet. Also included is a resource page with links to a variety of tools to help you rock social media.


The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

  • Social Media Strategies and Tactics
    • Exercise: What Strategies and Tactics Will You Use?
    • Exercise: Strategy Calculator – How Many People Do You Need to Reach to Meet Your Goals?
  • Create Your Facebook Posting Strategy (this can easily be applied to other social media channels) – What do you want to accomplish by using Facebook/[insert other social media channel]?
    • Exercise: Create Your Objectives for Using Social Media
    • Exercise: Create Your Editorial Calendar Strategy – What kind of posts will you share to reach your objectives?
    • Exercise: Build Your 4-Week Master Editorial Calendar – Plug in the types of posts you will share into this editorial calendar and use it when scheduling your posts
  • Automate & Systematize
    • Different Scheduling Platforms
  • #Hashtags Matter
    • Exercise: Determining Your Hashtags – Research the hashtags you will use.
  • Events & Promotion
    • Exercise: Map Out Upcoming Events and Offers
  • Content Themes
    • Exercise: Map Out Monthly Themes
  • What’s Happening Now?
    • Exercise: Create Social Media Update Worksheet for Every Blog Post
  • Throwbacks – Your Oldies but Goodies
    • Exercise: List Most Popular and Profitable Content
  • OPCs – Other People’s Content
    • Different Types of Posts to Share
    • Exercise: Favorite Resources for Inspiration

In addition to the workbook, there are copies of the individual worksheets that you would likely need multiples of. Most of these are in MS Word, and there are a couple calendars that are Excel spreadsheets:

  • 4-Week Editorial Calendar
  • Current Content Worksheet
  • Events and Promotions Worksheet
  • Monthly Theme and Product Calendar
  • My Most Popular and Profitable Content
  • Track Other People’s Content
  • Weekly Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Resources to Rock Social Media

$17.00 USD