You want to work with families during pregnancy, so you attend a doula training workshop or sign up for an online course and begin working on your certification. You’re excited about all the knowledge you’re picking up about doing birth work, but then you realize something.

You’re going into business for yourself.

And you have no idea where to start.

So you start to do some research and it’s been slow going. Perhaps you’re stuck because you don’t know what you don’t know. You aren’t sure you’re on the right track.

Here’s something that will help you.

The Savvy Doula Business Startup Checklist lays out for you, step-by-step, a list of actions that will help you officially set up your business with the (local and federal) government, create systems to track your client flow and your money, write up a business and marketing plan, and more. This is a PDF workbook that you can print off and write in, or you can type right into the document.

These are the different sections with action items for you to work on:

Section 1: Business Planning

Section 2: Financial Planning

Section 3: Legal Setup

Section 4: Training

Section 5: Systems Setup

Section 6: Marketing

Section 7: Online Presence

While fairly comprehensive, there will be more for you to do, and at the end of each section, you’ll have space to add notes. Tackle this from beginning to end, or skip around and do what is most urgent first.

Also included throughout the workbook and in the book’s last section are links – many are directed to blog posts on the Inspired Birth Pro site, but where appropriate, you will find links to other websites for articles or recommended resources. Many checklist items offer a short explanation on what to do followed by a link to additional information to help you understand the process or to download additional free resources from the IBP site.

$39 USD