One of the reasons many birth doulas have trouble selling their services has to do with the fact that doula service packages have a high price tag. Selling services, especially high-dollar ones, require doulas to get active in their communities and to find and connect with their Business Best Friends (BBFs). For people to trust someone deeply enough to invite them to participate in one of life’s most intimate events – BIRTH – they need to get to know and like you.

This means that simply putting up a website and Facebook page and expecting people to hire you will surely lead to failure. Consumers have so many companies fighting for their attention, that in order for any small business to survive, they need to market themselves consistently, and this is the case with doulas too.

So how do you stand out in today’s marketplace? You need to have something to say and share that knowledge with people in places where your BBF hangs out, both on and offline. Only you will know what your unique message is, but having the Savvy Doula Content & Promotion Planner can help you organize your thoughts and get clear on what you will say, and where and when you’ll say it.

This simple planner will help you determine how far in advance to start promoting your birth doula services for future clients and figure out what content to share on a monthly and weekly basis. By using themes, you’ll be able to more easily brainstorm ideas for sharing on social media, blog posts, email newsletters and more. You’ll still have a lot more work to do once the planner is complete to get your content out to the public, but with this roadmap, you’ll have a much better idea of where you’re going.

While this product is geared towards birth doulas, this can be used by other birth professionals such as postpartum doulas and childbirth educators.

This is a PDF document that you can fill in on your computer or print and complete by hand.

This is a good companion product to Design Your Social Media Plan.

$17.00 USD