Birth Doula Contract Template and Workbook


Birth Doula Contract Template and WorkbookBirth Doula Service Description and Agreement Plus Menu of Services


This set includes two Microsoft Word documents:

  1. A template for a birth doula contract and a menu (or listing) of service packages that include detailed descriptions of services and rates
  2. A nine-page workbook that helps you think through your policies, packages, and rates so you can customize the contract and menu for your use.

The contract and menu are not meant to be used immediately after download. You will need to take the time to carefully read through the documents and make appropriate changes that reflect the policies of your practice.

Here are three sample pages for previewing purposes. Please note that several sections are not visible in the preview. The Menu of Services is not included among the preview documents. Purchases will include the full document Click on the thumbnails to view each page:

Doula Contract Preview Page -

Page 1 of the Doula Contract



Doula Contract Preview Page 2 -

Page 2 of the Doula Contract



Instructions Preview Page 1 -

Page 1 of the Workbook







If you need intake and client forms in addition to a birth doula contract, you may be interested in the Savvy Doula Startup Kit or the Savvy Doula Startup Kit + Prenatal Meeting Planner.


Following confirmation of your purchase, these forms will be available for download immediately*. You will also receive an email with download links for each form you have purchased. All Savvy Doula forms come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with any form you purchase, contact me for a refund.

Disclaimer – Content purchased is for informational purposes, and Inspired Birth Pro makes no claim as to the accuracy, legality or suitability of purchased Agreement. Inspired Birth Pro shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions or for damages of any kind, and it is the responsibility of purchaser to seek legal assistance for review of finalized copy of Agreement that is intended for use in business.


*Please note that some buyers have difficulty downloading forms to their mobile devices. It is recommended to download purchases directly to your laptop or desktop computer.



This sample service contract for doulas includes templates for your contract / service agreement + a listing of services. In addition, there's a workbook that will help you think through your policies, which you'll then transfer to your agreement.

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