Savvy Doula Startup Kit Pro

Savvy Doula Startup Kit Pro

This set of includes a variety of forms that birth doulas can use in their practices to track and keep records of client interactions and client preferences, plus a doula client contract template for you to edit and adapt to your own practice. Most of the forms here are in Microsoft Word format so that you can customize the forms to better suit you and your practice. The logs are in PDF format and cannot be altered. To learn how to use this set of forms in your practice, read this blog post on organizing your birth doula client files.

Here is what you will find in this set:

Doula Client Forms

These forms are used by you to take notes about your clients and track administrative tasks that need to be completed.

  • Initial Phone Consultation Form for Birth Doulas – Use this forms when prospective clients call you for the first time.  It will help you to collect basic information and track next steps.
  • Previous Birth Experience Questionnaire – This is a perfect companion form to use with your initial phone consultation. Make sure all the questions you have about your prospective client’s previous birth are answered by going through this form during your conversation.
  • Doula Client Services Checklist – Make sure you send all your invoices, schedule your appointments, and complete any other administrative tasks with this checklist.
  • Client Loan Form – If you have a media or birth tool library for your clients to borrow from, use this form to track everything that is checked out.
  • Summary of Labor and Birth – This form can be used during labor and birth to track what happened.
  • A Variety of Logs – The logs are PDF files and provide a clean look for your files. Use these to take notes during prenatals, postpartum visits and phone calls.
    • Prenatal Appointment Log
    • Labor and Birth Log
    • Postpartum Appointment Log
    • Phone Log
    • Appointment and Phone Log

Doula Client Intake Forms

Birth doulas may find it helpful to have their client complete an intake form and/or a questionnaire before meeting with them for the first time. Intake forms and questionnaires help mom and the birth partner get clear on what they want for their births, and it gives valuable information to the birth doula. Birth doulas can learn more about their client’s preferences in terms of the kind of birth they want and the kind of support they desire from their doula. It also serves as a way to guide prenatal visits by helping to create a dialogue, not only between doula and clients but between moms and their birth partners.

  • Client Intake Form – Printable – Collects basic information. Choose from one that can be printed and completed, or one that can be easily emailed and completed in Word by your client.
  • Client Intake Form – Unlined for E-mail – Same form as above, but without lines. This makes it easier to email and have your client complete the form to return by email.
  • Prenatal Support Intake Form – Detailed Questionnaire to be completed by Mom
  • “How Can I Best Support You?” – Checklist that Mom can complete that informs doula her desires during labor and birth
  • “What Is Most Important To You To Have During Your Labor And Birth” – Mom ranks desires on a 1-5 scale of Importance on a variety of choices, to help her doula tap into Mom’s values and preferences
  • “How Can Your Partner Best Support You During Labor?” – This questionnaire helps empower the Birth Partner to discover ways he can support Mom

Birth Doula Service Description and Agreement Plus Menu of Services

  • A template for a birth doula contract and a menu (or listing) of service packages that include detailed descriptions of services and rates
  • A nine-page workbook that helps you think through your policies, packages, and rates so you can customize the contract and menu for your use.

The contract and menu are not meant to be used immediately after download. You will need to take the time to carefully read through the documents and make appropriate changes that reflect the policies of your practice.

Prenatal Meeting Planner

The Prenatal Meeting Planner is designed to eliminate the overwhelm and save you time by giving you the following:

  • An outline for two prenatal visits that explains what to cover in each meeting
  • Handouts for you to edit and give to clients
  • Links to additional websites that offer free doula forms and handouts
  • Suggestions on when to schedule prenatals and what to bring with you

The following documents are included:

  • Introduction to Prenatal Meeting Planning
  • First Prenatal Meeting Outline
  • Second Prenatal Meeting Outline
  • When to Call Me
  • Making Decisions for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
  • Decision-Making Worksheet
  • Sample Birth Preferences – Birth Center
  • Sample Birth Preferences – Hospital
  • What to Take to the Hospital
  • Template for Local Resource List
  • Tips for The Birth Partner
  • Labor Support Techniques – The Five Senses
  • What to Do in Early Labor
  • Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations
  • Postpartum Visit Notes

In addition to these handouts, there are over 20 links to free doula forms, handouts and resources for you to design your own prenatal visits and create your own doula prenatal visit checklist.


During checkout, you will create a user id and password, and following confirmation of your purchase, these forms will be available in a zip file for download immediately on the IBP website.* You will also receive an email with download links for each form you have purchased. All Savvy Doula forms come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with any form you purchase, contact me for a refund.

To see screenshots of the individual forms, go to the main page of Savvy Doula Forms.


Don’t need all the things? Here are some sets with fewer items:

Savvy Doula Startup Kit – includes everything in the Client Forms + Intake Forms Complete Set PLUS Birth Doula Contract Template

Savvy Doula Forms Full Set – Includes all Client Forms + Client Intake Forms

Savvy Doula Client Forms Only – Forms to organize your client folders

Savvy Doula Client Intake Forms Only – Forms to be completed by your clients

*Please note that some buyers have difficulty downloading forms to their mobile devices. It is recommended to download purchases directly to your laptop or desktop computer.

Charlotte Testimonial


Jennifer Testimonial

Organize your doula client files using Savvy Doula Forms. This set includes client forms for all your note taking, intake forms for your clients to complete, and a doula contract template. Also included is access to the Prenatal Meeting Planner.

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