For The Sake of Changing Clients’ Lives

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I’ve been listening to audio recordings of brilliant coaches I’ve discovered over the past month. As I listen to these recordings, I jot down Powerful Questions that I hear. These shift-creating, perspective-changing questions not only help me serve my coaching clients more effectively. They have also had a profound impact on my business and personal life.


One Powerful Question I’d like to share with you is this:


What are you creating in your business for the sake of changing clients’ lives?


If you think of what you do with and for women as life changing and transformational, how does that make you feel, emotionally, mentally and physically?


Thinking about birth work in this way, does that make you sit up a little straighter, and feel a little prouder? Or, does it freak you out and intimidate you a little (or a lot)?


Today, I’d like you to sit with this thought…


–We serve women in birth and postpartum, as childbirth educators, as birth and postpartum doulas, as lactation consultants and midwives —


For the sake of changing their lives… to help women remember and access their power… to encourage others to trust in themselves, their bodies and their babies. What you do impacts many more people than just the one woman you are serving.


We are change agents and are playing an important role in changing today’s culture of birth, one woman at a time, one family at a time, and one baby at a time.




I encourage you…


To own it.


What are you creating in your business for the sake of changing clients’ lives?


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