20 Small Ways to Market Your Birth Business Every Day

20 Small Ways to Market Your Birth Business - Inspired Birth ProWhen you own a small business, marketing can seem like a daunting task. However, there are a million ways to get the word out about your business. With a strong marketing plan and steady, conscientious, and consistent practice, you will build up momentum and a client base. By completing just one small marketing task every day, after a month, you will have completed 30 tasks to build awareness about your business!

Each day, decide on just one action that will help you to market your business. Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Submit your contact information to an online directory
  2. Order business cards
  3. Create a brochure or flyer
  4. Send out an email or make a phone call to a doctor or other professional you would like to introduce your services to
  5. Work on the copy for your website to speak directly to your ideal client
  6. Add a blog section to your website
  7. Create a Facebook page
  8. Start using Instagram
  9. Set up a Pinterest business account
  10. Schedule social media posts for the week
  11. Change your voice mail message
  12. Attend a networking lunch
  13. Send a birthday card to a past client or her baby
  14. Create an "elevator speech"
  15. Get a booth at a baby fair
  16. Add your website to your email signature
  17. Speak at a mom's group or childbirth class
  18. Send or deliver brochures or business cards to a yoga studio or other complementary business
  19. Hold a free class
  20. Volunteer with a local doula group at a community event

Just one action to promote your business each day will add up to a LOT of marketing over time. It allows you to consistently put your name and services out there, and once you've done your marketing task you can move on to other business.

What other quick marketing tasks can you think of? Make a list and add it to your marketing plan. Commit to doing at least one marketing task every day and see how that makes a difference in your birth business.

photo credit: DigitalRalph via photopin cc