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Resource: Plumtree Baby Childbirth Education | Inspired Birth ProThere are independent childbirth educators who choose to develop their own childbirth classes, as well as doulas who wish to offer their clients childbirth education as part of their services. A common challenge for these birth professionals is the desire to develop a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of a broad audience, is current, professional-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

Julie Olson and Michelle Kettleborough, doulas and childbirth educators from Denver, Colorado, are the creators of Plumtree Baby. Together, Julie and Michelle have developed a set of teaching resources that will greatly assist birth professionals who are seeking quality childbirth education materials and tools for their students and clients. Each of the modules have been reviewed by medical professionals and lactation consultants, and Plumtree Baby has also consulted with childbirth educators, doulas and expectant mothers to ensure the information in their materials is accurate, useful and verifiable.

Birth pros are able to customize their classes by selecting one or more of the following Plumtree Baby modules:

  • Prenatal Wellness – Achieving a Healthy Pregnancy
  • The Birth Process – A summary of Labor and Birth
  • Thoughtful Decisions – Planning & Communicating for Birth
  • Finding Comfort – Ideas for Managing Your Birth
  • Natural Childbirth – Finding Comfort and Support
  • Following the Birth – The Postpartum & Newborn Period

The modules are 12-20 pages in length, and are three-hole punched so they can conveniently be placed in a binder. In addition, birth pros can purchase binders, a guide with helpful teaching tips, and a set of laminated Labor Practice Cards for use in class or with clients. There is also a teaching curriculum in the works, which will be of great help to instructors who want more guidance using the Plumtree Baby modules.

I had an opportunity to preview the six modules. What I like most:

  • They are exceptionally professional in look and feel.
  • Each module has a table of contents and clearly marked sections.
  • Excellent use of illustrations and photos.
  • Short segments of information along with good use of bullet points.
  • Objective, unbiased information, and when appropriate, a listing of benefits, risks and alternatives.
  • Fill-in-the-blank sections for parents to make notes throughout the modules.
  • Educators can pick and choose which modules to use in their classes.
  • The cost for these modules are affordable and can be purchased individually or in bulk.

Overall, I feel these modules are a great starting point for educators to present basic information and initiate discussion with their students on a variety of topics. The information is straightforward and not overwhelming, and it is perfect for classes where students have a variety of goals for their births. Students will appreciate the information offered in these modules, and it would be easy for instructors to round out their classes with their own supplementary materials.

Visit the Plumtree Baby FAQ page on their website for additional information about their products. Plumtree Baby may be the answer if you are looking for beautiful and well-written materials for your group or private childbirth education classes. It will be an excellent resource as they continue to grow and develop additional products.

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