Savvy Doula Startup Kits

The Savvy Doula Startup Kit was created for new birth doulas looking for customizable templates that they can use to help them onboard new clients. All kits are comprised of the following, while the Pro and Premiere kits have additional resources:

Doula Client Forms help doulas track information about clients, starting with the very first phone consultation through the client's birth. They were originally created to be used in a client folder or binder, as described in this blog post on organizing doula client files. With all the tech that's now available to have a paperless business, these forms can easily be adapted to an online system that better suits your practice.

Doula Client Intake Forms are given to new clients as part of the onboarding process once they sign their contract and pay for services. Use the intake forms to collect information on client preferences for birth. These can also be converted to be used in a digital format.

Finally, all kits have the Birth Doula Contract Template and Business Policy Workbook. The workbook will help you formulate your practice's policies, which can then be added to the contract. 

The following table lists what is included in each kit, and clicking the corresponding button will take you to the product where you can see more about what is included.

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