Should You Include Your Prices On Your Marketing Materials and Website?

A question I hear often is, "Should I put my prices on my brochures and website?"

There are different opinions on this topic. I'll offer you some practical information to consider, and you can choose what works best for you.

  • If you're doing print materials, it can be a pain to put prices on it because you'll need to change your brochure if you change your prices in the future.
  • If you add your prices on your brochures, if you change your rates and print up new brochures, you may have old ones floating around with your old prices and that could get confusing.
  • You could choose to put the prices on your website and on your printed materials you can refer to your website for current pricing.
  • On your website, if you choose to offer more than one package, is to say "my rates start at $XXXX." This can at least give prospective clients your minimum rate.
  • Rather than disclose your prices, invite people to contact you to explore the possibility of working together, and at that point you can offer your rate during the conversation.
  • Think about this – do you want to compete on price alone, or do you want clients to hire you because of the value your services give them? This goes back to your unique message – what makes you so compelling that women need YOU to be their doula?

You can probably discern that there is no cut and dry answer. What feels best to you?

I'd love to hear what others think about this, so feel free to comment and share what has worked for you.

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