Childbirth Education Teaching Aid: Foam Cervical Dilation Chart

Cervical Dilation Chart for Childbirth Education Classes -

Tracy from B*E*S*T Doula Services sells a wonderful teaching aid for childbirth educators called a cervical dilation chart. It is simply 10 pieces of foam with circles cut out for each centimeter of dilation, and they are stored on a ring. It is such a useful visual aid to use in childbirth classes and with birth doula clients when talking about the stages of labor. I liked using this as a teaching aid because unlike hard plastic dilation charts, the foam's pliability can demonstrate that dilation may not be completely circular. The 9- and 10-centimeter circles can also be layered a little off-center to demonstrate cervical lip to students and clients.  These dilation charts are available in Tracy's online store and can be shipped only to U.S. locations. In addition to the dilation charts, you can also find some nifty "tool belts" and birth ball covers.

Cervical Dilation Chart from B*E*S*T Doula Services


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