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I am always searching for products and services that make my business processes more efficient and effective. Improving my processes enables me to dedicate my valuable time to my family or other endeavors and interests. When I do find products and services that really excite me, I often feel compelled to share these with friends, colleagues, and the readers of Inspired Birth Pro.

When I find something that I like, I may see if that company offers an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are created by many businesses to monetarily reward individuals who refer new customers to their companies. This is no different than you or I offering an incentive for referrals to past clients or colleagues who believe in our services. It's a type of reward for word-of-mouth marketing. Some of the products and services I talk about offer affiliate programs, and many do not. It doesn't affect my decision on whether or not I will write about something.

This means that if you buy a service or a product from someone I recommend, I may receive a small commission for your purchase.

You can be assured that anything I recommend is something that I have purchased and use to help me and my business. I do not and will not write reviews for providers and companies who offer to pay me to review what they offer.

Sometimes I will offer links to other blogs and websites run by professionals such as coaches. I am typically a fan of theirs because I regularly read their blogs, articles, or books,  and I believe the information they offer will be helpful to small business owners. The majority of these colleagues, teachers or writers do not offer affiliate programs. I share their information as a service to you only and do not expect compensation from them, and unless I specifically write about those services, I am not promoting their services.

My goal is to offer highly valuable content, products and services so that you can run your business. If you have any further questions from me about the affiliate programs that I participate in, please feel free to contact me.

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