Calling Guest Contributors on Inspired Birth Pros - Birth pro trainers, those who serve, coach and teach birth professionalsCalling Those Who Work With Other Birth Professionals

When I started the Inspired Birth Pro Blog (back then it was the Savvy Doula Blog), my intention was to help as many women as possible to feel supported during the childbearing year by helping birth workers start and grow their businesses. I later transitioned from my role as a birth doula and childbirth educator, and now I focus on coaching birth professionals so they can meet their professional and financial goals. While I still write blog posts for the site, I want to open the floor to those who are living and breathing birth work and who want to serve their fellow birth professionals by sharing wisdom. I'm reaching out to:

  • Birth pro trainers and mentors
  • Birth pros with a specialty who have products and/or services geared to other birth pros.
  • Service providers like accountants and web designers, online marketers and virtual assistants who work with birth pros
  • Birth pros or others who offer coaching programs and services (just as there is the perfect birth pro for every woman, there is also the perfect business coach for every business owner!)


What Do Inspired Birth Pros Want to Know?

Recently I ran a poll in the Inspired Birth Pro Facebook group to ask members about the topics they really want to know more about. Here were the top five:

  1. Client Attraction
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Organization – Paper, Life, Business, Finances
  4. Offline Marketing
  5. Increasing Income and Prosperity Mindset

Other topics of interest include ways to expand a birth business with additional training or writing about specific, lesser-known niches. In addition, I welcome articles about topics that birth professionals may find valuable, even if it's not related to business aspects, so if what you're passionate about is not on this list, please run it by me anyway!

Here are a few examples of guest posts that are currently on the IBP site:

Client Attraction for Birth Professionals with Demetria Clark – Audio

Love to Doula but Hate to Sell? 3 Simple Strategies for Loving Both

How to Be a Fertility Doula – Video

What is an Antepartum Doula?

How to Help Clients with Breech Babies


This is What to Provide

If you are passionate and know a little something about any of the above topics, here is what I'm looking for:

  • Posts that are at least 600 words in length, OR
  • Audio or video (YouTube or Vimeo links) with accompanying intro and bulleted list hitting the most important points of your presentation, OR
  • Infographics with intro or full post
  • If you LOVE to write and just feel the need to create a series, we can talk!
  • Relevant photos that you take yourself (I can find stock photography for the blog banners). To protect your copyrights, you can watermark them or I can do it if you're not sure how.

It is okay to use content of yours that has been published elsewhere; just make sure that if it was not first published on your site that you still have rights to the content and are allowed to submit it elsewhere. An example of a re-published article can be found below:

How to Have a Cesarean in Awareness


Calling Guest Contributors on Inspired Birth Pros - Birth pro trainers, those who serve, coach and teach birth professionalsWill I Be Paid for My Contribution?

I do not offer direct monetary compensation, but I DO want to help promote your business to other birth pros. There are new eyeballs visiting the Inspired Birth Pro blog every day, and there are also dedicated return visitors, my email newsletter subscribers and social media followers who always want to up their game. So, there is a constant stream of potential customers who will get to experience what you have to offer. All of my blog posts are continuously scheduled to post on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, so your post will not be shared only once and then forgotten.

I ask that all guest posters provide me with a bio that includes:

  • Your photo (professional headshot is great but not necessary)
  • Website address
  • Social media links
  • Links to websites that sell your online products
  • If you have an affiliate program and I like your product, I'd love to sign up for it and use your affiliate links!

In addition, if you have a lead magnet (freebie you give away) for new subscribers that is related to whatever your blog topic is about, send me a link to your landing page so we can encourage people to go visit your site and sign the heck up for it so you can grow your email list. (HINT: Of all the benefits of guest blogging, THIS is the one you want because it puts new people on YOUR email lists!)

I do not retain rights to your post, so you are free to use it elsewhere.


I've Never Done a Guest Blog Post Before. Have You Got Any Tips?

If you've never written an article before, here are some basic tips:

  • Write/Speak with the intention to serve, and not with the intention to sell.
  • Choose a topic that is close to your heart. What's your soapbox?
  • And on the topic of soapboxes, please don't rant negatively about a topic. You can identify a problem, but you need to follow that up with a proposed solution.
  • That said, my readers are here to find solutions. Popular posts are those that give tangible tips, resources or courses of action.
  • If you've found success doing something a certain way, share your process, resources and tools that someone could follow to improve their own success rate.
  • Please do not sound overtly sales-y in your text. We can promote you and your products in your bio.
  • Break up your blog posts with sub-headings, bulleted and numbered lists and a photo or two so it's not one huge blob of text.
  • Top XX (insert number) lists, how-to-posts and resources that help birth pros save time are consistently the types of posts that get the most attention.


Calling Guest Contributors on Inspired Birth Pros - Birth pro trainers, those who serve, coach and teach birth professionalsWant To Be a Guest Contributor? (I know you do)

At the end of the day, what I truly want is better education and outcomes for birth, more widespread support for women and families (especially in that fourth trimester), and more harmony between birth professionals within their own communities and in the online community. I think one way this can be achieved is through more sharing, more mentoring, and more conversations so that birth professionals can feel supported to build sustainable businesses doing what they love. I'd be thrilled to have you be a part of this goal.

If you want to submit a topic suggestion, please complete the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Guest Blogger Submission Form

  • Tell Me About You

  • Tell me more about your guest post

  • What is the general topic(s) you want visitors to know about?
  • What format do you want to use?
  • Give me a brief description of what you want to share.