Time Management Strategies for Work-Life Balance, Part I

Time Management Strategies for Work-Life Balance - InspiredBirthPro.comWork-Life Balance. It's what I encourage both my doula and coaching clients to strive for, but admittedly, I could use some help in that department myself. I love what I do and consider my work my passion. It's difficult for me at times to create boundaries around my work when I lose myself in it.

However, after having experienced two bouts of illness over the last two months, my body has made it abundantly clear that it is time for me to really walk my talk.

For the home business owner, time management is critical for maintaining peace of mind and peace within your family. It's important that you be as productive as possible in the time you set aside for work so you can enjoy life more when you're away from it.

Here are two questions to think about:

Based on your goals and aspirations, how many hours would you like to work each week?

Take into account time needed to dedicate to the following:

  • administrative tasks
  • client interviews
  • workshops
  • networking
  • number of births you would you like to attend each month, and
  • how much time aside from the birth will be required per client (ie: prenatal and postpartum visits, plus administrative tasks)

You should also consider other responsibilities and obligations that you have outside your business, as well as the minimum amount of time you'd like to have with your family. Remember there are only 24 hours in a day, and a chunk of that is required for basic self-care like sleeping and eating.

What days of the week and what times of day will be best for you to engage in work activities?

I like to do as much as possible while my kids are at school. I do my best to limit evening activities to one per week, and weekend activities to twice per month. It doesn't always happen this way, but it helps me to limit myself so I don't commit to too many activities and overburden my family by being gone too often. What would be ideal for you?

Remember to Consider Your Values

When answering these questions, it really helps to consider your values regarding your self-care and your family. When you are clear about nurturing yourself and your family BEFORE you consider how much time you'll dedicate to work, it's easier to say "no" to people and things that call for your attention.

In Part II, I'll offer an exercise to help you determine what times of day are optimal for working on your business.

What kind of adjustments to your schedule to help you make the most of your working time?

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