How to make your doula website work harder for you


How to make your doula website work harder for you

You learned in your doula training that you need a website for your business.

So you get one up and what happens?

-sound of crickets-

You work on your website's SEO, and like magic, one day you end up on the first page a Google.

THEN what happens?

-more crickets-

Does your website have the same five pages that every other doula's website have?

Home Page | About | Services | Contact | Testimonials

At its most basic, a website is an online brochure. True, some are better than others, with beautiful branding and sparkling words and images that compel a visitor to immediately go, "Ooh, pick me! I want to work with you!"

But honestly, most websites don't have that effect on people.

So what happens? If people are not getting referrals from anyone, they find doulas A, B, and C on Google, and if they can't find a way to differentiate them, the default reaction is to…. compare prices.

Wouldn't you?

So what can you do to stand out?

I know you're a teacher, that birth is your passion, and that you're itching to write or speak about everything you know.

Share your smarts.

Let visitors to your website learn more about what you do. Show them what you know about pregnancy, birth and starting a new family. Make them laugh and cry. Introduce them to your equally brilliant friends. Prove that you're an expert and that you know what's trending in your community.

Blogging on your birth business website is the way to do all these things.

The beauty of blog posts is that they turn your online brochure website into a living, breathing, 24/7 salesperson representing YOU. Whether you are at a birth, teaching a class, sleeping after that 3-day birth marathon, or playing with your kids, visitors to your website are finding your blog posts and are getting to like, know and trust you.

They are hearing your voice in their minds by reading your words, finding out where you stand and what your personality is like. They're learning why they need support for their labor and getting their questions answered. And, when they are ready to hire someone offering your services, it then makes choosing who to contact a lot easier.

By blogging on your birth business website, you give your visitors, your ideal clients, the opportunity to form a connection with you. They may not have known what a doula is, or why your method of childbirth education is something they actually need. But they might have stumbled upon one of your blog posts through a Google search, or on Pinterest, through Facebook, or maybe a friend of theirs shared a link with them. And maybe they liked what you had to say so much that they clicked around your website to read more blog posts or find out more about you.

You've planted a seed. And that may blossom later into a client for you!

Are you ready to turn your website into something more than your online brochure?

You can click here to learn more about the Rock Your Birth Biz Blog course. Or, if you're already blogging but aren't getting the traffic you'd thought you'd be getting by now, check out the 3 Simple Ways to Attract New Clients to Your Birth Biz through Blogging. This booklet will give you some quick tips that you can implement in your blog today to help get more eyeballs on your posts. Educating and raising awareness about what you do is one of the keys to getting more clients, and blogging helps you achieve that!

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