Essential Marketing Strategies and Tools Featured in DONA's International Doula Publication

Inspired Birth Pro's "Essential Marketing" article in DONA's International Doula -

There are some days when I am inspired to write a long article about a topic that has brewed in my head for a while. This time, it was about marketing.

Just for grins, I decided to submit it to DONA International to see if they'd include it in a future publication of International Doula. To my surprise, they accepted the article.

I waited. And waited. At the beginning of October, 2010, I received an email with a digital copy of the Fall season's magazine, and my article was included! I contacted DONA for permission to share the article online and received their consent.

So, here it is, "International Doula – Essential Marketing Strategies and Tools for a Successful Birth Business", featured in Fall of 2010's International Doula, Volume 18, Issue 3, September, a publication of DONA International. I hope this is helpful to some of you! Enjoy.

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