5 Steps to Summer Sanity: Business Vision (Part 2)

5 Steps to Summer Sanity - Business Vision and Your Doula BusinessJust as you and your family explored your collective vision for the summer, it would be equally valuable to create your vision for how your business will support you during the summer months. By focusing on your family’s vision first, you’ll be giving your personal values priority. This will help you put your business goals in perspective and integrate your business into your life rather than allowing your business to take over your life. You’ll be able to more easily allow your values to guide your business building and management decisions so you can honor yourself and your family during the summertime.

Set your vision for what you want for your business this summer

Take a look at what’s on your calendar right now. It’s likely that your summer schedule is already set with clients or classes. Maybe you would like a few more clients or students for the summer and know you have some work to do. Now, envision who you need to be for your business in order for you to give it the attention it needs this summer.

To start off, consider the following questions:

  • How much time will I need to prepare for my scheduled commitments (ie: prenatal visits with doula clients, childbirth classes)
  • What appointments can I get on the books now to make planning other activities easier?
  • How much money do I want to make this summer?
  • How much time will I need for marketing tasks and administrative work like invoicing and sending out emails?
  • If you’re attending any conferences, what preparation is needed for that?
  • Is this is a good time to focus on some continuing education?
  • If you have an active blog or social media accounts, how much time do you need to dedicate to those activities?
  • How much time is necessary to plan for fall classes or clients?
  • What self-care will you give yourself to help support you after attending a birth?
  • What needs to be done throughout each day or week for you to feel caught up with your business so you can feel present for your family?
  • Where will your children be when you work? Can they help you? Can they keep themselves occupied if they’re at home?
  • How do you picture yourself carving enough time to devote to your business?

Make a list or write a narrative describing what your business is going to look like this summer. Do you feel at ease? Stressed? Challenged? Are your values aligned with the vision for your business? The way to know you're on the right track is if you feel good about your vision.

In Part 3, you will get to create your business and family goals for the summer months, so start thinking about them!


photo credit: sunglasses via photopin (license)